Bathroom with Grey and White Tile

A Bathroom Renovation

    I am beyond excited to be able to say our downstairs bathroom renovation is finally finished! Honestly though, except for a few finishing touches, it’s been finished for a while. But for some reason ( that I couldn’t figure out until now ) I had been putting...

Martha Stewart Specialty Paint DIYs

Four Ways to Use Martha Stewart Metallic Paint

If you’re a regular reader here then you know that I love decorating with gold. I’m a little obsessed actually. I’m a girl who likes her bling. Metallic finishes, glam touches…bring it. One of my favorite ways to get those gorgeous finishes is with Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in...

Coral with Black and White

Changes in the Living Room

For a while, when I was in college I lived in a big house with about a hundred other people. Ok, maybe it was more like two. Whatever. As you can imagine there was always stuff everywhere. Well, our super awesome method of cleaning the house was to just...

Neutral Bedroom with Mixed Patterns

Beating the Winter Blues

I never realized how much the weather affected my mood until recently. Lack of sunlight and warmer temps has gotten me in a funk. So I’ve had to find some ways to boost my mood. Like working out, watching a funny movie, or my favorite mood lifter…redecorating! In an...

DIY Tray Table with Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Tray Tables: A Tutorial

Can you even believe how cold it is? Sheesh! Thankful for the sunlight though. Since it was too cold to do ANYTHING the last two days I had plenty of time to style up my little tables that I made over last week and get a few more pictures....

High Gloss Black Statement CHair

A Statement Chair & One Kings Lane

  I’m a little obsessed with chairs. It’s just so hard to resist a pretty chair for a good price since there are so many ways to turn even a simple little chair into a statement chair. A statement chair can completely change the feel of a space. My most...

Gold Leaf Drum Swag Light

Finished: Gold Leaf Drum Swag Light

Happy New Year! How is 2014 going for you so far? One of my goals for this year is to be a little better about finishing projects. I have a never ending list of things I’m working on. I’m notorious for starting something because I get an idea and...

Christmas Mantle Plaid Stockings

My Easy DIY Plaid Christmas Stockings

  There has been so much going on lately. Work has been super busy and my husband has been hard at work on the bathroom renovation. In spite of all the craziness I was determined to get some Christmas decorating done in time for us to enjoy it for...