My Must-Haves for a Cozy Fall Porch

Cozy Fall Porch

It’s finally my favorite time of year. Fall is here! There is just something about fall  that feels like renewal. I don’t know if it’s just the break from the smothering humidity we get in the south, but I feel like I can breath again. With that feeling comes along the need for change. And the need for salted caramel lattes from Starbucks. Oh. My. Word. Have you ever had one of those things? Forget the pumpkin bring me the salted caramel.

Anyway, since we like to spend time on the porch, especially this time of year, I decided to give it a fresh new look and share my “must-haves” for a cozy fall porch.

1. A seat big enough for two. A bench is perfect for a porch. They’re typically small but still big enough for two. I painted this one with three coats of plain old white paint that had been sitting in the basement for-ever. I used this to paint it. 

Graco SprayStation 1900

This thing is where it’s at! It’s the Graco Spray Station 1900. My brother-in-law gave me this for Christmas and I will be forever grateful. It would have taken days to paint all those slats by hand.

Painted Bench Fall Porch

2.Pillows! Pillows are really a must-have in any situation though, right? I made all of these (except for the sequin pillow and the large brown and white pillow) from leftover fabric remnants and an old shower curtain.

DIY Fall Porch Pillows

DIY Fall Porch Pillows

3. A cozy throw. Perfect to curl up in on a chilly night while reading a good book. I picked this one up at TJ Maxx. It’s soooo soft.

Cozy Fall Porch

4. A tray. You have to have a spot for your coffee or hot chocolate. Or wine. ;) I made this tray from an old picture frame and pretty wrapping paper.

Tray for Fall Porch

Tray for Fall Porch

5. Pumpkins! Is there anything more fall than pumpkins? I could go crazy painting and decorating pumpkins but I limited myself to just two. I spray painted these then blinged them out a little. I added a monogram to the black one using nail trim. For the white one I spray painted the backs of some iron-on leaves and hot glued them to the pumpkin.

Painted PumpkinsPainted Pumpkin Fall Porch

Cozy Fall Porch

Cozy Fall Porch

So do you think I missed anything? So looking forward to hanging out on the porch as the nights get cooler! Happy Fall Ya’ll!!

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  1. Kim says

    Does the paint sprayer eliminate brush strokes, it gives a more even look? I said I wouldn’t paint another piece of furniture without a paint sprayer. So I’m in the market. Just found your blog and love it!!

    • says

      Hi Kim! Thanks so much! Yes the sprayer eliminates brush strokes and makes many painting jobs so much easier. This one, the Graco spray station 1900, is awesome but it only works if you follow the directions. I am not a directions kind of person (haha) but I make myself take the time to use it right. It’s totally worth it!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Happy painting!

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