DIY Faux Whitewash

You know how you have something that you keep, not because you really love it, but because you think you might be able to use it one day? This little table is one of those pieces. It always just kind … Continued

A Thrifted Sofa Before and After

Hey there friends! I have an update on my thrifted sofa. She’s all done! But let me make one thing clear. This is not a how-to for reupholstering a sofa. Though that was the original plan when I bought it. … Continued

Updated Post: Tea, Vinegar, & Steel Wool Table

A few years ago I refinished an old oak stained dining table using tea, vinegar, and steel wool. It has been pinned a LOT, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the process, so I know people are using … Continued

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