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Four Ways to Use Martha Stewart Metallic Paint

Four Ways to Use Martha Stewart Metallic Paint

PicMonkey Collage (4)If you’re a regular reader here then you know that I love decorating with gold. I’m a little obsessed actually. I’m a girl who likes her bling. Metallic finishes, glam touches…bring it. One of my favorite ways to get those gorgeous finishes is with Martha Stewart Metallic Paint in Vintage Gold. I’ve used it on several DIY projects around the house. Seriously, if you’ve never used it you need to give it a try. You can paint just about ANYTHING with it. I’ve used it on fabric, metal, wood and caning. Since I love this paint so much I wanted to show you how versatile it is by sharing my four favorite DIYs using this pretty gold paint. 

Gold Painted Pillows

diy gold painted pillows

These pillows are truly some of my favorite around the house. I move them around all the time. They’re pretty basic so I can use them with almost anything. And I don’t get all neurotic about them being used and getting dirty since they didn’t cost a million dollars. I made them out of fabric scraps before they got the painted treatment. You can read all about them here.  


Bedroom Chair

Painted Bedroom Chair

This chair, though mostly white, has a touch of gold on the caning. I picked up this little chair while on vacation in Florida because I just loved the coastal vibe. We’re using it in the bedroom.  


Gold Leaf Drum Swag Light

Gold Leaf Drum Swag Light

This drum pendant was one of those, “I wonder what would happen if” kind of projects. On a whim, I decided to mix the paint with some gold leaf. The mixture resulted in a really cool effect. It looks heavy and has an awesome texture. You can get the tutorial here


DIY Tray Tables

DIY Tray Tables with Gold Leaf

This one just might be my all time favorite project using Martha’s Metallic paint. I decided to mix the paint with some gold leaf again but I also used spray paint this time. I wanted the metal on these tables to look a little aged. Get the step-by-step of how I got the look here

If you want to try it, you can find this paint at Home Depot. It also comes it lots of other gorgeous finishes, like silver and copper. Do you have a favorite go-to paint or product? I would love to hear about it!



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