My Summer Project-Buy or DIY?

Last year after we had the fence installed I decided I wanted a garden. Growing up, we always had a garden. I took for granted all the fresh strawberries, cantaloupes and tomatoes we had every summer. I also took for granted that someone else was doing all the work. That someone being my Dad.

So at the start of summer last year my Dad, giver that he is, shows up at my house with some seeds and plants. Now that we finally had the perfect backyard for planting a garden I decided that’s exactly what I would do. Let me save us all some time by telling you I have decided my free time is too precious to spend one more minute I have on this earth trying to make a plant grow. Let alone an entire summer. I’ll buy my tomatoes at the grocery store like a normal person.



I worked really hard on my little garden and it was still a disaster. It started out good. I took this picture as proof. I did have two pretty sunflowers that lasted for a couple of weeks but the fruits and vegetables never grew to a point that they could actually be eaten. So not worth it. Look, I get that gardening is like therapy for some people and I think it’s awesome to grow your own food. But it’s just not for me.


I’m more of an animal person than a plant person. And since we’ve moved out to the country I have absolutely fallen in love with all the farm animals all around us. I dream of having a horse and a pig someday but right now we have decided to start with chickens. Now here’s the big question. Do we buy the chicken coop or DIY it?




After a quick internet search I found some pretty good options. I’m loving this one from Tractor Supply. Looks nice and roomy for two or three chickens, which is what we plan to start with, but also simple and stylish and I love that it’s grey.




And this one from Wayfair has such a cute cottage style. It reminds me of a tiny beach house. It looks really small but after reading the reviews it seems to be the perfect size for three chickens.

But oh my gosh y’all. When I started searching Pinterest for plans to build one I found so many cute chicken coops. And if we build it we can customize it to the size we want, giving us the option to have more chickens. If all goes well.




I love everything about this. The black and white combo is always a favorite of mine and it has the perfect farmhouse vibe without being too “country”. Know what I mean?





This is absolutely out of control. AND I LOVE IT. I mean, it’s a gallery wall in a chicken coop. I am all about a gallery wall and I’m already planning one in my mind.


We talked to a friend who built his own and he spent just as much in materials as he would have to purchase one. So it may be that I just buy one and style it up the way I want it. I already have so many ideas. I just need to do a little more research. But if any of you have any experience with chickens or building chicken coops I would love your advice.





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