Laundry Room Update: Adding Character with Old Doors

I’ll be honest. When my husband showed me these doors I really couldn’t see how they were going to work for our laundry room renovation. They looked like something I would have wanted to get rid of. But I could … Continued

More Progress in the Laundry Room

So y’all should know by now that I move at the speed of molasses on some of these remodel projects. I tend to get bogged down when I think about everything I want to do. But I’m learning how to … Continued

DIY Door Inspiration for the Laundry Room

You know how you get runner’s high? Well I’ve got DIY high y’all. I am so excited about this laundry room makeover.┬áThis is kind of an awkward space to photograph so I’m taking you on a tour. Click the link … Continued

Updating the Bathrooms with New Tile

When we bought this house I knew the bathrooms would have to be updated. Luckily, we had enough in the budget that we didn’t have to wait too long to get started on the floors. The old floors were vinyl … Continued

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